Cathy Moncure

Cathy Moncure first came out to The Flying Circus in 1972 at the age of six for her first airplane ride ever in an orange and yellow Citabria and was hooked on flying from then on.

Twenty-two years later, she rediscovered The Flying Circus, took an aerobatic ride and showed up the next week in a khaki uniform.

Since then she has had a variety of duties including playing the character “Fifi laBombshell” in the show.

Cathy has a unique occupation working with the skydiving team. She has the responsibility of telling the skydivers when they should jump or not jump for safety and show timing reasons. As the aircraft used in our show have no radios, she operates a series of bright orange signal panels which are visible from high in the air. Cathy has over 40 hours of fixed-wing flight time, has made a total of eight skydives and is a member of PUPS (#0119) and POPS (#9735).

Cathy is a Production Assistant at Daktronics, and is currently a student at James Madison University, School of Media Arts and Design.

Cathy as “Fifi laBombshell” about to lift off!