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Wanna go for a
Hot Air
Balloon Ride?
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1) ARRIVE EARLY. - Our gates open at 06:00 AM!  This is our BIGGEST event of the year, and when large numbers of customers all try to arrive just before showtime, the entry line backs up quickly. If you arrive after 1:00 PM you will likly end up waiting in a long line of cars to enter the airfield (the line often extends all the way back onto route 17).
2) PLEASE USE CASH. - We will have a dedicated CASH ONLY line for faster entry. The new "chiped" credit cards take almost twice a long as the old "swipe" cards to process, this slows things down considerably.
3) SEPARATE ENTRANCE FOR RE-ENTRY. - When you first pay to enter, you will be given a wristband, this wristband allows you to leave and re-enter the Flying Circus. The Staff Entrance will be manned, and those who have a wristband and are re-entering may use this entrance to avoid the line at the ticket gate.

August 19-20, 2017
Airshows on both Saturday and Sunday !
Hot Air Balloon Launches Both Days
Early Morning 7-9 a.m. & Late Afternoon/Evenings 6-8 p.m
Note:Hot Air Balloons cannot fly in windy conditions, so most balloon activites will take place during the early mornings and late in the afternoon/evenings when the air is the calm.
Then come to the
Flying Circus Annual
Hot Air Balloon Festival

*** NOTE ***
Balloon rides are not sold by the Flying Circus.
Prices must be negotiated between the Balloon Pilot and the rider(s).
Rides are subject to availability, and existing weather conditions.

Most baskets will hold 2 passengers and the pilot.
Bigger baskets will hold more people
and usually the price will be slightly lower.

Hot Air Balloon Rides are avilable during
the Balloon Festival weekend"

 NOTE: Group rates for admission are not available during the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival Weekend