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Aircraft of
The Flying Circus
Photo's by various photographers.
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Flying Circus 450hp Stearman
Wing Walking & Aerobatics
Justin Currier's Stearman
"Inverted Roberta"
Mike King's Waco UPF-7
"Wuff & Weddy"
Double Rides
John D. King's 300HP Stearman
Standard Rides
Charlie Schwenker's Pitts Special
Mike Bishop's Fokker D VII 3/4
Mike Truschel's 300HP Stearman
"Gulf Hawk"
Balloon Shoot
Dave Conn's Stearman
Aerobatic Rides
Bill Honan's Stearman
Standard Rides
Bryon Stewart's 1929 Fleet
"USS Akron"
Aerobatic Rides
Dick Roe's Stearman
Balloon Shoot
John Corradi's Waco ZPF-7
Double Rides
Kirk Wicker's J-3 Piper Cub
"Luv Cub"
Cub Rides
Dave Brown's Stearman
"No Bucks - No Buck Rogers"
Aerobatic Rides
Rick Conn's Stearman
Aerobatic Rides
John Elliott's Fleet
John Corradi's L-16 Champ
Cub/Champ Rides
Chuck Tippet's L-16 Champ
Cub/Champ Rides
Scot Francis' Giles 202
Chuck Tippet's L-4 Cub
Cub/Champ Rides
Charlie Schwenker's Extra 300

Stay tuned . . . more aircraft pictures to come!