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Wanna go for a
Hot Air
Balloon Ride?
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Our gates open at 06:00 AM!  This is our BIGGEST event of the year, and when large numbers of customers all try to arrive just before showtime, the entry line backs up quickly. If you arrive after 12:00 PM you will likely end up waiting in a long line of cars to enter the airfield (the line often extends all the way back onto route 17).

August 10-11, 2024
Airshows at 1:30 on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons!
Hot Air Balloon Launches Both Days
Early Morning 7-9 a.m. & Late Afternoon/Evenings 6-8 p.m

Helpful information about Balloon Festival Events.

Click Here to view our FAQ about the Balloon Festival.

  • Ballooning requires very light winds and an absence of thermal activity to be safe and enjoyable, therefore, most balloons fly in the early morning and late evening hours.

  • Please plan to come early in the morning and/or stay after the airshow so you can see the splendor of many colorful balloons inflating and lifting slowly into the sky.

  • Throughout the day we will make announcements to help keep you informed about the timing of balloon events.

  • Many of the balloon pilots will be giving tethered and/or chartered flights. However, the balloon rides are not sold by the Flying Circus. The arrangements for a flight must be made with the balloon pilot and not the Gift Ship attendant.

  • Announcements will be made regarding any space available for passengers.

  • Balloon rides are subject to availability, and existing weather conditions.

  • Teathered BALLOON RIDES are $20/adult & $10/kids (12 and under)
      • Balloon is anchored to the ground with several ~50' lines
      • Balloon rises to the end of the teather, remains aloft for a few minutes, and then decends back to the takeoff point
      • No Reservations - first come/first served
      • Teathered BALLOON RIDES are CASH only
      • Pay at the Balloon - Correct $CASH$ preferred !!

  • Free-flight BALLOON RIDES are $300/person

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  • Airplane rides will be available during the balloon launches. See ballooning from a new perspective - an open cockpit biplane!

  • Welcome to the
    Flying Circus Annual
    Hot Air Balloon Festival

    Most balloon baskets will hold a pilot and 2 or more passengers.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides are avilable during
    the Balloon Festival weekend"

     NOTE: Group rates for admission are not available during the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival Weekend