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Open Cockpit
Airplane Rides
Airplane Rides Available before and after the show.
Ride tickets can be purchased at the gift shop

Rides are available starting at 11:00am, and are sold/given on a "first-come/first-served" basis

Sorry, no reservations accepted.

Advance purchase available only through Flying Circus Airplane Ride Gift Certificates.

All Aircraft Rides are subject to weather conditions and availability of pilots and aircraft. The Flying Circus reserves the right to deny aircraft rides to any individual who, in the opinion of the Pilot In Command, cannot safely make the flight due to their Size, Weight, Age and/or Physical Condition.

PLEASE NOTE: All pre-purchased Flying Circus Airplane Ride Gift Certificates will be honored for one (1) year from date of issue, regardless of any price changes after the issue date.

Open Cockpit Biplane (Stearman)
Single Passenger
    (Standard Ride) ... $ 135.00
    (Aerobatic Ride)... $ 200.00
*Max passenger weight = 270 - 285 lbs.
NOTE: You must be at least 16 years old to take an Aerobatic Ride.

Open Cockpit Biplane (Waco/Travel Air)
Two Passengers
    (Standard Ride) ... $ 200.00
*Max combined passenger weight = 350 lbs.

Enclosed Cockpit (Piper Cub)
Single Passenger
    (Standard Ride) ... $ 100.00
*Max passenger weight = 130 - 180 lbs depending on the aircraft

* Please use the weight limits listed above as a guide when determining the type of ride you wish to purchase.
These are typical weight limits for hot, humid, summer flying conditions.
Please note that the actual weight limits can vary due to fuel load, wind, and atmospheric conditions.

"Standard Rides" -vs- "Aerobatic Rides"?

  • The Standard Ride is an 8-10 minute mostly "straight-and-level" ride with some steep turns and wingovers for excitement.
  • The Aerobatic Ride is approximately 15 minutes and includes some or all of the basic
    aerobatic maneuvers: Spin, Aileron Roll, Barrel Roll, Loop, Snap Roll, Cuban 8 and Split "S".


    For further information call:
    Flying Circus Aerodrome
    (540) 439-8661