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Videos of the Flying Circus
Video Gallery
Select any of the video clips listed below
Take an Aerobatic Ride with Dave Brown
    Low Res (WMV 320x240 size=4.4MB)
    Med Res (WMV 320x240 size=13MB)
    High Res (WMV 640x480 size=33MB)
Jana (Leigh) McWhorter - Wing Walker
    Low Res (WMV 208x160 size=2.4MB)
    High Res (WMV 640x480 size=16.9MB)
Flying Circus Montage
(AVI size=1.2MB)
Matt Peters - Wing Walker
(AVI size=1.3MB)
Watch "The Beast" taxi out.
(MPEG size=123KB)
Hot Air Balloon inflation (Part 1).
(MPEG size=240KB)
Hot Air Balloon inflation (Part 2).
(MPEG size=130KB)
Hot Air Balloon Deflation.
(MPEG size=270KB)
Leesburg Airshow 2016.
(MP4 size=137MB)

Stay tuned . . . more videos to come!